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Jessica Majzner

If you love vampires and everything supernatural you are going to love this book by Jessica Majzner. Beyond the Veil is an epic take on the world of vampires and werewolves and a delightful addition to anyone’s bookshelf. Don’t just take our word for it, listen to the author herself…

Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk about the novel I have just released, called Beyond the Veil! This is a vampire/werewolf story that delves deeper into the genre, exploring themes such as prejudice, fears of the unknown and philosophy.

In this book, I wanted to write vampires as they should be – seductive, intelligent, undead beings that have no qualms about ripping into your pretty little neck and draining you dry. My vampires are unflinching, unremorseful and always thirsty.

But they are also multi-dimensional characters with their own story arcs, motivations, fears and personalities.

My werewolves – well they are a bit different. Living in close proximity to humans, these wolfish creatures have attracted all of the hate from humans that real wolves have, and then some. Savage and brutal, but also exceedingly gentle with a natural reverence for all life. My werewolves are complex and interesting. And they also have a secret…

As the moon dies and becomes new again, these werewolves shed their flesh and fur to become skeletal beasts with glowing white orbs for eyes. They are terrifying to behold, and it is this that has earned them their reputation for being terrible creatures that must be killed on sight.

Thus a war broke out between the two factions, and only a wall and treaty could prevent further bloodshed. This wall has divided Valwood from Claw Haven for over a hundred years, and no human or werewolf has crossed it. Until now.

Natalya is a seventeen-year-old vampire huntress who must make a tortuous decision – cross the wall and risk starting a second war with the werewolves? Or allow the vampire who killed her mentor to escape, and lose her chance at ever avenging her? 

This novel follows all three main characters: Natalya, the brave huntress, Voren, a werewolf shunned by society, and Arkadith, a murderous master vampire.

This novel has been a realization of my dreams come true and it was born the same way any novel is born – with a simple idea. Mine revolved around a character. A man, living amongst humans, but judged for what he is and not who he is. This man became Voren and thus his story arc began.

But a story always needs a villain. Next came Arkadith, a character loosely inspired by Dracula. Thus my two main characters were born, but my story was missing something. Or someone.

An awesome heroine. But not a clichéd, snarky, tough, female character that is as witty as she is amazing at everything. No, I wanted a young, innocent girl that would be easy to relate to – and sympathize with. She became seventeen-year-old Natalya. 

It’s 2007, and I have my three main characters. For the better part of the next eight years, I meandered, wrote a bit, slept a lot, procrastinated, slept some more, ate some stuff and got very little writing done. I learned this was not the way to write a novel.

I never liked the idea of outlining (still don’t), but I did need to at least figure out what kind of story I was writing. I started thinking about major plot lines, and with a bit of help from my friends and fiancé, an actual story (well novel) was starting to emerge. Once I decided to commit to a goal each day (1,000 words written), I was blown away at how much I was getting written! Less than 10 months later I was looking at a full manuscript – and thus my first dream, to write a book, came true.

It’s still almost surreal that I can go on to the internet and see my novel for sale. The feeling is indescribable. I’ve made the jump from an aspiring author, to an actual author. My book has only been for sale for about a week and I’m just a ball of nervous, excited energy. I’ve had requests from actual people I don’t know to have copies of the book signed! If you would have told me I’d even finish writing this book a few years ago, I’d laugh and smile about my beautiful pipe dream.

I really hope everyone enjoys Beyond the Veil as much as I do. I wrote the story I wanted to read, and I think a lot of people want to read. Even now as I thumb through it, I can’t believe some of the passages originated in my brain! It’s been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. When I held the first proof, I swear my face was going to break with how big a smile I had.

I want to thank everyone for your time, and thanks for listening to little ol’ me talk about my story!

-Jessica Majzner, author of Beyond the Veil

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