Pay-As-You-Weigh: Just Wrong or The Future of Air Travel?

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This discussion about the future of air travel has been going on for a while but it seems to have had its second wind in the media lately. So, would you be happy to be weighed at the airport to determine the cost of your ticket?

Many size zeros who would be held down by a feather would be screaming YES right now, but what about the rest of us?

The argument

The argument is that we are given a set allowance for the weight of our luggage and have to pay for any additional Kg’s if over, so some people are calling for these additional costs to be applied to us humans also.

Personally, this feels a lot like victimisation. Not everyone can lose weight so easily and there are genuine health conditions out there that cause you to gain weight involuntarily, for example, thyroid disorders, medication side effects etc. Not everyone is on the heavy side through their own choice.

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Do we really need more additional costs?

There are already so many additional costs racked up on top of your bill when it comes to air travel, do we really want to be paying a few extra pounds out of our purse for those few extra pounds around our waistline? What happens if you’re pregnant? Many women gain a considerable amount of weight whilst pregnant through no fault of their own, does this now mean they are going to have to pay for that unborn child to fly also?

On the flip side, the worlds growing problem with obesity is putting major pressure on airlines due to the additional cost of fuel needed to ferry those heavier passengers. According to The Telegraph, Samoa Air Introduced the world-first Pay-As-You-Weigh system in 2012 and have seen their profits soar. Check out the full article here.

The question is though, are profits really the only thing to go up by using this system? Could introducing a Pay-As-You-Weigh system across all airlines also see a rise in poor body image, depression, anxiety?

It is argued that by this system being introduced it will act as an incentive for people to lose weight but for those that are unable to lose weight so easily, it seems that unless money is no real issue in their lives, they will have to stay grounded.

What are your thoughts?

Comment below and let us know how you feel about the potential introduction of pay-as-you-weigh across all airlines.

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