What it’s really like to be a woman, the secrets they don’t want you to know…


No-one quite knows the exact date but at some point in history gender stereotyping became a thing. Men somehow became the symbol of strength and woman the symbol of weakness, at some point it became unfeminine for women to portray anything but body perfection and even though gender equality has made incredible progress throughout the years, somehow woman still face some seriously ridiculous and totally unrealistic expectations from not only the other 50% of the world’s population but also from themselves.

Here’s what it’s truly like to be a woman and the secrets woman have been trying to keep hidden for years…

A Shaven-Haven is anything but sexy…

women secrets

I’m guessing that the origin of the ‘shaven-haven’ is the same one as pornography.

A woman’s pubic hair used to be a symbol of womanhood and sexuality but since the birth of porn, woman have been widely pressurised into shaving their lady parts to within an inch of their life under the false perception that it’s sexier and more hygienic.

Anyone who has ever shaven their mutton dagger until it could be shined like a bowling ball would know that it’s only sexy for about a day.

The side of the shaven-haven that men don’t see is the ingrown hairs, the itchy red bumps from shaving rash and the total fact that 99.9% of woman sport a full on bush until they feel they’re in with a chance of getting lucky…

Bonus: Winter legs are not a myth! Neither is a winter fanny…

Woman have beards too!

women secrets

Okay, so maybe most women don’t grow a full-on lumberjack beard but it’s about time the truth came out about women and facial hair. We all have it! Whether it’s a couple of tiny whiskers on our chin, a furry top lip or sideburns to rival Elvis, female facial hair is a thing.

At some point in history, someone somewhere decided that having both facial and body hair was a sign of masculinity and the lack of was therefore what you made you feminine. Because of this women began plucking, waxing, threading, lasering and shaving to within an inch of their lives until not a shred of evidence that there was ever the existence of a single hair on their body exists.

So, now that this is out in the open maybe there won’t be so much panic if we miss our next waxing appointment…

We all have cellulite!

women secrets

Thanks to the invention of Photoshop, such a normal bodily occurrence such as cellulite has become a topic of both fear and disgust among both men and woman and strangely people believe that having cellulite makes you somehow ‘unfit’. It’s time to set the rumours straight. We all have cellulite and no amount of gym-going, dieting and healthy eating will get rid of it. Don’t fall for the false portrayals of women in the media and instead love your own bodies and be proud of who you are.

It’s official… women like sex just as much as men!

women secrets

Way before body hair was banned from our lady parts and photoshop gave us unrealistic expectations of how we were ‘meant’ to look, a woman’s sexual needs and desires were made to seem unladylike and most were made to feel ‘less than’ if they acted upon them and somehow ‘wrong’ in doing so.

Somehow if a man had multiple sexual partners it made them a Casanova and a legend in the eyes of others but if a woman did the same she would be labelled a wh***.

It’s about time this classic form of gender stereotyping came to an end.

Woman have their own sexual needs and enjoy sex just as much as men do, they shouldn’t be shunned or bullied over their enjoyment for it. The amount of a woman’s sexual partners is no one else business but her own…

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