The Truth About Juice Plus And How It Changed My Life – Sam’s Story

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There are many misconceptions when it comes to Juice Plus, mainly because of the umpteen amount of fad diets and health kicks currently doing the rounds at the moment; so we decided that it was time to find out what exactly Juice Plus is and if it was actually worth it.

We spoke to Samantha Stewart who runs her own Juice Plus franchise to finally set the record straight.

Watch the full video interview here!

So, what is Juice Plus?

People tend to automatically assume that Juice Plus is yet another juicing diet that nobody can realistically keep up for the rest of their lives. In the video, Sam explains that actually, Juice Plus isn’t all about juicing. The reason they use the word juice in their name is because fruits and vegetables are juiced down and made into other things to make it easier for us to get all of the nutrients that we need in our diets.

The benefits

In the video, Sam tells us how before she started Juice Plus, her overall health and diet wasn’t exactly the best. She found it impossible to stick to diets and suffered from multiple health conditions such as reoccurring headaches and restless leg syndrome. According to Sam, since starting Juice Plus the products have really changed her life. She feels healthier, has not suffered from any illnesses in 9 months and seen a considerable drop in her weight.

Check out Sam’s before and after photo’s… incredible for such a short amount of time, right?

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But is it really possible to do when you have a family to consider? 

One thing that really stood out for us with Juice Plus is how the products can be used by not only yourself but the whole family. It’s all well and good starting a new diet and expecting to get your partner and children on board, but how long does that really last? How many kids realistically want to eat vegetables on a daily basis?

We don’t know about you but listening to what Sam had to say about the children’s health study really had our ears perking up.

The children’s health study

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The children’s health study is Juice Plus’s way of bridging the gap between what we are meant to have and what we are actually having.

With the growth in takeaways and nutrition-less microwave meals, it seems harder than ever to actually get the nutrition our bodies require into our daily diets, let alone our picky children’s.

When Sam mentioned the Chew’s for children, we couldn’t help but get excited. The chews are the same in look, size and texture to gummy sweets but the major difference is that rather than being full of tooth-decaying sugar they are full of body-loving nutrients and the kids love them!

Okay, so it’s good for my health but what about my bank balance?

The health benefits of Juice Plus are pretty much undisputed but the real question is: can we actually afford it?

Off camera, we asked Sam for a price guide on Juice Plus Products, check out the images below:

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Can I really start a business for fifty quid? 

Pyramid schemes.  We’ve all heard of them and our eyes are rolling at the idea so it was interesting to hear what Sam had to say about the matter.

Sam started her Juice Plus business on 5th March 2017. She handed over fifty pounds and voila! she was officially a business owner. Sounds crazy right?

Slightly Skeptical…

When we heard this we were safe to say… slightly sceptical, but it turns out that that fifty quid was the best spent fifty quid of Sam’s life. She spent months building and growing her network and now earns enough to cover bills, days out and treats for both her and the kids. She doesn’t deny that it takes hard work and a lot of commitment as it does with any other business to be successful but it just goes to show that the Juice Plus franchise isn’t quite the pyramid scheme we first thought…

Our Conclusion:

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If being honest, we were sceptical when first looking into Juice Plus especially when it came to the ‘own your own business’ side of it, but after speaking to Sam we’ve been converted.

There are so many crazy diets and health crazes out there that it’s impossible to keep up! Juice Plus seems like a simple solution to a growing problem in our society, getting the right amount of nutrients that our body needs! Losing weight is a bonus.

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